Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers Dirty

About the ProductSemdisan LED plant grow light consists of red and blue light sources with the perfect proportion 4:3 to promote photosynthesis in plants, accelerate plant growth and shorten the plant growth cycle.14W led chips has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, a service life of 30,000 hours.What plants the led grow light is suitable for?This grow lamp suits for various indoor plants, such as single plant,seedlings,herb,succulent plants,fruit,vegetables.Our grow light perfectly makes red and blue light that plants need match together to improve plant growth, multiple fleshy, color enhancement.How to use it better It is suggested to keep a distance of 30cm 100cm between the light and the plant. It is suggested to illuminate the plants twice a day, lasting for 6 hours every time for effective growth.Power: 14WLumen output: 700lmLED Chips: Red : Blue = 4 : 3LED Life: 30,000HRed wavelengths: 620 630 nmBlue wavelengths: 450 460 nmMaterial: Metal Alloy2018 New model 10W goose neck dual head led grow light with timerWhat Plant Needs: Our plant lights provide suitable light source that satisfies the photosynthesis of the plants and allows the plants to maintain optimal growth status. And this plant growing light makes your plant with strong roots, encourages its growth, regulates its flowering time and flower color, promotes fruit ripening and coloring, and improves fruit taste and quality.Upgraded Timing Function: When you turn on it, three levels 3h/6h/12h gives you much choice.

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